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eu and the world

Globalisation, localisation, Interpendence (global issues), Human Rights, Migration, Equal/unequal distribution, Asymetral power relations ...more

eu democracy

EU Instititutions, Elections, Initiatives, Deliberation, Democratic deficit, Foundation of the EU, EU bureaucracy, Future developments & projects, EU and media ...more


Culture, Multiple/Overlapping, Global, Territorial, Cultural, Ethnical, Social, Sexual, Political, Idendity processes (cultivation, formation), Individual/group/communal identity ...more

Multi-level citizenship

National and EU-citizenship, Democratic principles, Rights and duties (civic, political, social), Membership, Practices, Open governance, EU citizens’ initiative ...more


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recommended articles

Some articles were classified as highly recommended by the PoliPedia Community. They can also serve as examples for new contributions. ...more

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